Timeline and Progress Check-In

Here in Propel, we use what’s called a Gantt chart, and this is how it works. In a Gantt chart you put down the key components of your project, and the action steps you must take to get there. You estimate the time it takes to complete each action step, and enter in your start and duration of the task. As your project progresses, you fill in the percent of what you have completed for each action step. You must also check in daily to update the project day you are on. Allowing you to see whether or not you’re behind or ahead in your project.

My timeline as four key components, this is what they are. I will collect all four pieces to upcycle, sketch a redesign, execute the redesign, and photo shoot. Action steps I must take include, to thrift each piece, and sketch design a concept for the redesign. After each concept sketch is complete I am to host a feedback session and apply said feedback. Once completed the concept sketches, I will begin the redesign. Followed by the photo shoot, and editing of the photos. Throughout my project time, I will upload twice a week to my projects Instagram to promote my project.

I am behind in my project, as I was to have thrifted all pieces for my project by now, I have thrifted three out of the four. To help stay roughly on track I have started and finished two out of the three pieces I had thrifted. I am 70% done my third piece and will be starting my fourth piece by project day 29. Weekends and PD days are not accounted for in the Gantt chart, I will use this time to complete my third piece.

In the next few weeks, I will start and finish my finale piece and price my third and fourth piece. I will upload edited photos to my website and Instagram. My next action steps will be, thrift the finale piece, sketch a concept design, receive feedback, and execute the design. I will price the piece and promote the pieces on my Instagram.

If it weren’t for the Gantt chart my project would be a flop.

Breaking my Project Down

My project is to thrift four pieces of clothing and up-cycle them. Two will be denim painted and two must be sewn. I chose to have four milestones throughout my project. Thrift items, sketch redesign concept, execute redesign, photo shoot.

Milestone number one is the most important step, with no clothes how do I complete my project? In one week I will thrift my two denim pieces as well as my pieces for sewing. I chose to paint two separate pieces of denim (ex. Jeans, denim jacket, etc.) to explore my inner artistic self. But to only paint denim isn’t challenging me enough so I have decided to sew clothing as well. I will thrift two pieces (different from the denim) and push my boundaries with sewing. My vision is still foggy for how I want my pieces to look, to help explore my possibilities I will sketch design.

Sketch design concepts for redesign, my next milestone. Sketch designing concepts for the pieces will be as hard as executing it. I chose to have sketch designing as my next milestone, it helps to set a clear goal for what I want the result to look like. After the sketch design stage, I will need to execute the redesign. I will work long nights and hard hours to complete, execute, my concepts for the four pieces.

A photo shoot, this milestone is last because the photos of the four pieces are what I use to showcase my work. I will upload the photos to my website for selling purposes and Instagram page to promote my brand.

These next few weeks I will thrift for the pieces. Going to a hand-full of thrift stores to ensure I find the best matches. Once I have found the pieces I will use, I sketch design. I will complete a draft 0 for all four pieces and host a feedback session where I will have my designs critiqued. Will I choose to apply the feedback? Or disregard it? Stay tuned to find out how everything unfolds.

P.O.C Review – Project Overview

PThe purpose of a proof of concept (P.O.C). To create a mini version of your project to see if the concept of the project is doable. To see if you have the skills or can get the skills necessary to prove your concept.
My P.O.C was to thrift a piece to upcycle or “thrift-flip”. Redesign the piece, photograph it, upload the photo to my website and sell it. I learned how to create my own brand statement and U.V.P but also how to market a product to get the audience I want. I learned how to web design (Do’s and Don’ts) and how to use a sewing machine to create my clothing vision.
Going forward with my project, being able to market my brand will allow me to attract more attention. Which will help my cause, that is to raise awareness of the harmful effects of fast fashion.
My big picture goal by the end of the semester is, to have shown others the wonderful impact of slow fashion. By purchasing a sustainable product or thrift shopping instead of buying fast fashion. You are making a difference. My project will encourage others to do better, to improve their way of life. By learning more about fast fashion and seeing alternative ways to be “trendy”. I will prove this by selling and uploading the different ways I have upcycled clothing. I will have part of my proceeds going to organizations that donate to the slow fashion cause.I will raise awareness and promote better ways of fashion.

The First Few Weeks

“Make a statement.” said Syd

The night before my first day of propel I asked my friend Syd what i should wear. She responded with “ make a statement”.

The next morning I got dressed, picking the pieces of clothing that I thought would fulfill my intentions. But something that I did not intend was the feelings that would come later during my first few weeks of the propel program.


I felt fear as my peers and I entered the Mavis House, an escape room that is done by The Real Escape. But in those moments of fear I felt myself become more comfortable with my new classmates. I could already see a difference between the bus ride to The Real Escape and the ride back, one was louder than the other.

This broke the ice which made “purposeful play” easier.

Purposeful play is a time block in propel in which you are asked to explore possible project ideas, try new things and find what you would be able to do for an entire semester. It was during this time that I realized, I loved fashion.

I enjoy piecing together outfits, and turning something old into something new by thrifting.

What’s next, is that I will be exploring the possibilities of clothing. I will be up-cycling thrifted clothing to promote more eco friendly ways of shopping.